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Equal Opportunities Policy

Hallam Learning Consultancy values diversity and is committed to providing equal opportunities for all. People are valued as individuals whether they are employees, clients, colleagues, associates, suppliers, delegates or students and we realise that people from different backgrounds can bring fresh ideas and experiences to their work.

We recognise the contribution that each individual can make to business irrespective of age, gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, race, colour, religious belief, disability, political opinion and ethnic, cultural or natural origin. Everyone is treated solely on the bases of their merits, abilities and potential.

Our aim is to create an environment in which people from all backgrounds can work and develop together harmoniously.

All instances and acts which are in breach of this policy will be taken seriously and investigated thoroughly and fairly.

Social Responsibility

Hallam Learning Consultancy is a responsible organisation and recognises that its activities impact on the society in which it operates. We strive to take account of the economic, social, environmental and human impact of our activities across the UK and the world and seek to achieve benefits by working in partnership with other groups and organisations.

We endeavour to adhere to our values in all of our activities and strive for good practice and encourage environmental responsibility amongst our stakeholders.

We actively seek to promote corporate responsibility in our day-to-day activities and particuarly focus on reduction of the carbon footprint of our activities, by, for example, promoting E-Learning, video conferencing and use of the internet and intranets for the exchange of information.

We strive to conduct our operations in a way which minimises our consumption of natural resources and we encourage recycling and appropriate management of waste.

Through our work we seek to improve business performance by adopting appropriate social responsibility and practices.


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