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We all know that it can be lonely at the top.   Chief Executives and senior managers rarely get straight feedback or hear bad news.  How many people are there with whom they can discuss sensitive issues and who can help them think out loud?  There are even fewer who they would want to have a glimpse of their vulnerability or uncertainty.  A personal executive coach from Hallam Learning may be the answer.

Coaching is the art of accessing and then improving the performance, learning and development of another.  It is one of the most effective tools to use in business to improve performance and productivity and it differs from more traditional training and development programmes because the individual being coached takes control of their actions and makes the changes required to improve.

Coaching is not only a remedial process; our aim is to use coaching to improve business performance for executives and other managers. In a rapidly changing environment even top performers will benefit from the chance to reflect on what works well for them, how to remain positive and to sustain excellence.

Coaching represents a just-in time, cost effective development option that is also geared to strategic objectives.

Many of our coaches have been trained in the use of psychometric instruments which help understanding of self and relationships with others.  During our coaching we may draw on tools from SHL, Insights and Myers Briggs.

At Hallam Learning, our coaches have many years’ experience and operate to a professional code of ethics.

Our coaching provision is lead by Maxine Ward who ensures that executives receive coaching in a confidential environment and receive personal attention.  Our approach to coaching is based on a sound understanding of different business contexts.  Maxine describes her coaching proposition….

Maxine Ward

‘As an Ashridge developed and supervised coach, I will work with you, taking strategic, collaborative and innovative approaches that will help you to enhance your personal and professional relationships, your commercial awareness and your contribution to improving business performance.’

Maxine works with a team of associate coaches and this enables us to match coaches with individual needs in the context of the real business environment.  Maxine and some of our associate team have completed the Ashridge Management College programme for development of executive coaches.  This is a highly interactive programme and forms the first year of the Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching, combining psychological and organisational perspectives on learning.  The programme ensures that coaches are equipped to help clients know themselves better, identify existing strengths, develop new skills and encourage experimentation. 

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SHL is recognised as the world leading provider of psychometric tests. As an SHL Partner, Hallam Learning uses SHL's range of effective and scientifically proven psychometric instruments to enhance coaching, selection, recruitment, promotion, succession planning and development of people at all levels and across all sectors.

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Speech Mark Our conversations have really encouraged me to become more self-aware and understand the impact I have on others. Looking at situations from different perspectives means that my contribution to the Board is more effective. We are much better placed to grow the business now. Thank you. Speech Mark


Speech Mark Maxine is a sensitive and perceptive coach. She has helped me to explore and manage several issues in my team and feedback has shown that my leadership style has improved over recent months. I am convinced that I would not have achieved this without the help of our focussed coaching sessions. Speech Mark

Business Owner

Speech Mark I have been working with Maxine over the last 4 months and she has really helped me focus my thinking and sharpen up my personal impact and presentation style. I would recommend her to anyone looking for some tailored executive coaching. Speech Mark

Senior Manager, Professional Services Firm

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