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Is your organisation World Class?

Many businesses strive to achieve outstanding ‘world class’ performance and at Hallam Learning we are passionate about helping you to succeed.

We are pleased to offer the World Class programme to our clients. This is a diagnostic tool designed to provide you with the essential insights into how your organisation rates itself against ‘world class’ standards, followed by expert diagnosis then workshops to drive improvements towards achieving World Class status.

There are two key questions that every organisation has to ask: "How are we doing?" and "How can we get better?" The World Class diagnosis helps to answer these two key questions. It benchmarks against a ‘world class’ standard created by Warwick University. This standard is called the World Class Diamond and it diagnoses the key areas to work on to improve the organisation.

World Class Diamond

Following a three year research and testing period, the World Class Diamond articulates the four areas that identify ‘world class’ organisations:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Strategy & Leadership
  • Capability to Adapt
  • Unique Voice
World Class Diamond

It was created by Dr Dawei Lu, Warwick Manufacturing Group; Dr Simon Croom, University of San Diego and Alan Betts, Warwick Business School and Director of HT2.

World Class Journey

The World Class Journey starts with a meeting with a World Class consultant. The consultant will visit your organisation, talk to members of the senior management team and help determine the key people who will subsequently each complete a World Class questionnaire. This is designed to establish the current state of your organisation, through the eyes of the people who know it best.

The World Class consultant will facilitate the process, provide access to a unique website and agree a time scale for the completion of the World Class questionnaire.

Once the diagnosis and analysis process is complete, our World Class consultant will return and present the findings to your management team.

World Class Consultants

Our principal World Class consultants are:

Maxine Ward and Sue Humphrey

Following the diagnosis, the team at Hallam Learning will be pleased to help you and your organisation to identify then implement the key steps of the World Class Journey. Periodically your organisation should repeat the diagnostic process to check on progress. We are available, if required, to provide advice and support to ensure the smooth running of the on-going process.

‘360 Degree’ Stakeholders

We would be pleased to carry out a ‘360 degree’ survey and analysis to accompany the World Class Diamond results which would encompass the views of your key stakeholders, to include customers/clients, suppliers, contractors and anyone else whose opinions you value.

Hallam Learning will set you on your World Class Journey and support you every step of the way to achieve the status that you aspire to.

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